What Others Have Said:

"These meditations really helped my anxiety to go away so I could stop worrying and go to sleep. Thank you so much.”   
~ Maura, age 10

“ Your meditation CD has made a big difference in my son’s life. He is now able to calm himself down and he feels so much more in control of his emotions and behavior.”  
~ parent of an 8 year old child

"My children absolutely love your meditation CDs, Ann. They are relaxing, centering, adventurous, and thought provoking - thank you!" 
~ Adrienne,  parent of a 7 year girl and 9 yr old boy

“Can we do that relaxation thing again today?”  
~  12 year old student

"These guided visualizations created for children are great tools for school counselors and child therapists to use with children who have experienced trauma or loss." 
~ Jean,  Life Coach

"I love these tapes-have listened to them all.  I think this is a great tool to get kids into a "mindful" practice early in their journeys of life.  And you don't even have to be a kid to enjoy these CD's.  Try 'em-you'll like 'em."  
~ Signed : A big kid at heart