Children’s Meditation CD Series

Volume 1: Relaxation and Self Esteem (ages 3-10)
Journey to a Farm/Journey to Space

Volume 2: Relaxation and Self Esteem (ages 6-12)
Journey to the Woods/Journey to the Sea

Volume 3: Relaxation and Self Awareness (ages 3-10)
Journey to a Castle/ Journey to Storyland

Volume 4: Relaxation and Self Awareness (ages 6-12)
Journey to a Puppet Show/Journey to a Movie Theatre

Volume 5: Relaxation, Self Control, Self Confidence (ages 6 +)
Journey to the Gym/Journey to a Waterfall

Volume 6: Conflict Resolution   (ages 8 and up)
Journey to the Playground/Journey to the Heart


About these Meditations:

Each journey consists of two components: relaxation and visualization.

They are designed to induce a state of relaxation AND provide practical coping skills. They are designed to enhance Self Awareness, Self Esteem and Self Control.