Physical Benefits of Relaxation

Research shows that the state of relaxation increases concentration and memory, improves performance, enhances creativity, reduces stress, relieves anxiety and improves one’s health. In this state, the relaxation response is triggered. The muscles relax, the heart rate slows down, breathing is deeper and blood circulation is increased. One’s immune system is rejuvenated as well. Brain waves are calmer and the right side of the brain opens up- creativity flows. One’s immune system is rejuvenated as well. The body is brought back into balance. One feels calm, relaxed and at peace.

Psychological Benefits of Relaxation

In the relaxed state, one’s defense mechanisms are reduced and one is more open to new ideas and suggestions. Resistance is decreased and one is more willing to look at their behavior patterns and styles. Attitudes, beliefs and perspectives are easy to change in this state. Positive affirmations are easily accepted and believable. Self-confidence and high self-esteem are easily attained in this relaxed state.

The Power of Visualization

Imagery, visualization and mental rehearsal are some of the names given for imagining yourself doing/being in a certain situation. Many research studies have demonstrated the power of visualization in enhancing athletic performance as well as healing medical conditions. Many coaches and physicians recommend and advocate the use of visualization techniques with their athletes and patients. If visualization can heal physical conditions and improve athletic performances, it can change behavior patterns and build self-confidence!