Ann Aubuchon, M.S.

ann aubuchon Ann Aubuchon is passionate about bringing peace and harmony into the home, classroom and workplace. She has devoted her life to helping children develop the necessary skills to cope with the stresses of everyday life. Ann has an MS in Human Development and a BA in Special Education. Working with learning and behavior challenged students in the public schools for over 20 years, she has taught children, teachers and parents valuable coping skills and relaxation techniques. The overwhelming positive responses of children to experiencing the relaxed state have inspired her to share them with families, counselors and teachers worldwide. She is currently a trainer with the Compassionate Schools Initiative in Washington State and is in private practice as a consultant with A Calmer Way.

Ann’s Journey or How These CD’s Came About:

After teaching academics to students with learning disabilities for 5 years, I decided to go to graduate school to better meet the needs of students with challenging behaviors. I remember being in a bookstore and coming across a book title that brought tears to my eyes. It was entitled: Childhood Stress- How Not To Let Your Child Be a Victim. And I thought, why do we have to wait till we are adults to learn how to deal with stress? And thus began my journey to teach Stress Management to children. I found a few books written for children and devoured everything that had been written for adults. I read about and personally tried all kinds of meditations and then began adapting the techniques for children. Shakti Gawain’s book, “Creative Visualization” had a great influence on the development of these meditations.

I went back to teaching students with behavioral challenges and began doing yoga, centering exercises, tai chi and meditation with them. Although it took them a while to allow themselves to really relax, they loved being in the relaxed state! I created a stress management curriculum that I taught at a summer school program for gifted students as well as in the classroom.  Shortly thereafter, I went overseas to teach and spent my free time writing and developing these meditation scripts.  Upon my return, I began teaching these stress management techniques to teachers, counselors and child care providers.